Casuality Department

Casuality Department - The Department of Emergency

At DM Health Center you will get the Emergency treatment facility round the clock. Instead of roaming here and there with your ailing patients you may directly come to DM Health Center. The emergency section is opened 24 hours of a day. In the emergency service, critical patients are brought in our own ambulance which is almost a mobile CCU, and then treated with primary treatment first through emergency procedure, and depending on the condition of the patient after that, he or she gets admitted if necessary.

  •  24 hrs Intensive Care Unit
  •  24 hrs Critical Baby Care Unit
  •  24 hrs Trauma/Accident Unit
  •  Dialysis Unit
  •  Echocardiography
  •  24 hrs Pathology
  •  24 hrs X-Ray
  •  24 hrs Pharmacy
  •  24 hrs In-house Consultant
  •  24 hrs Ambulance Service
  •  24 hrs Operation Theatre

DM Health Center has an easily accessible 24x7 emergency helpline number +91 49982 43777 and for ambulance service, dial +91 9400 428 108.

Our Specialities


DM Health Center is known for its sincerity in all the treatments. One of them is the department of orthopaedics, which is a medicinal field for treatment of musculoskeletal system, especially spine, joints and muscles.

  •  Qualified Doctors
  •  24×7 Emergency Services
  •  General Medical
  •  Feel like Home Services
  •  Easy and Affordable Billing
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Your child is the gem of your life & DM Health Center is the most reliable center when it comes to treating any paediatric diseases. With a well-advanced medical science approach & experienced Pediatrician, we’ll dedicatedly work towards support the well-being of your precious little ones. Our entire medical staffs in the child healthcare department including our paediatrician are well-trained to handle any paediatric emergency that comes up.

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Internal Medicine

From emergencies and common ailments to complicated unresolved diagnostic dilemmas the Department of Internal Medicine at DM Health Center provides wholistic care for inpatients, outpatients and patients who are referred from other departments in the hospital. We help prevent and diagnose common non-surgical ailments and serve as the first point of contact whenever you visit the hospital.

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Department of Radiology at DM Health Center is dedicated to improving and enhancing patient care in a safe and efficient manner. A spectrum of leading-edge diagnostic technologies and Interventional procedures backed by specialized expertise is the forefront of the hospital. Specialized interventional radiology procedures for all body organs are provided by the well-experienced radiologists.

  •  Digital and computerized radiography
  •  Full Field digital Mammography
  •  3D / 4D Ultrasound and Doppler scanners
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The department of Cardiac Care includes cardiology and cardiac surgery. It represents one of the largest and most modern cardiac care facilities which are affordable and available to one and all. Our dedicated team of cardiologists are well-known for their expertise, knowledge, and vast experience in their respective arena of heart related problems.

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